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Christmas Ale – Barley’s Brewing Company

Christmas Ale – Barley’s Brewing Company

Archived review (Dec 27, 2008): Poured as an amber-mahogany color with a nice tan head that dissipates far too quickly for my taste. But it’s very nice looking.

Smell was rather average – smelled like “beer” with a touch of orange… rather faint overtones of honey and ginger. But you have to struggle to discern them.

Taste was of ginger, honey, and orange. But again, have to struggle to discern them. Nice combo of flavors that were harmonious together though.

Mouthfeel was rather thin and the head didn’t help very much. Carbonation didn’t add pop either. Rather flat at times, but was quite smooth.

Drinkability is very high. Was able to polish off the growler within a couple of hours. Would definitely buy this again and polish another growler off again. Very easy to drink – I think the ABV is actually in the 5-6% range. Reasonably priced as well, definitely a must-drink if you have access to it.

Score: 88