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1000 IBU – Mikkeller ApS

1000 IBU – Mikkeller ApS

1000 IBU (nee IPA) is a rotating DIPA offering from Mikkeller, a Danish brewer well known by beer aficionados in the United States. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a beer of theirs that I enjoy yet. This one was no exception. Didn’t enjoy the hop profile at all. 9.6% ABV and it shows. Hops is listed thrice on the label, but what kind of hops isn’t mentioned.

Dark red-yellow DIPA, malty, and clashing flavors produce a grassy biscuity and malty taste, not resiny or pine or hoppy as would be expected. Yeast is present, but the flavor / sensation of hops is not. Simply put, it’s a bitter malty DIPA. Definitely not one that I would recommend or try again, especially with world-class DIPAs being produced locally in Columbus. Pass on this one.

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Rating: 55