Piehole & Co.

Piehole & Co. is all about delicious things that go into my pie hole. Sometimes it’s also about the journeys or tools utilized to get said items. In short, if it involves the things that go into my pie hole, it’ll show up here. Simple as that.


I like beer. My favorite styles are American Pale Ale (APA, India Pale ALe (IPA), and rye beers. I’m not a fan of Belgian yeast, sours, and most hefeweizens. I’m also a big fan of English-style beer and gruits. I’ve taken a lot of photographs of the various beers I’ve poured down my pie hole over the years, and have been posting them all at once to the blog to create a library of reviews. Once I’ve caught up to the present-day, all beer reviews from that point forward will be timely and “officially” done.

For the first decade of my beer journey, I tried just about everything I could get my hands onto. I reviewed a lot of them on BeerAdvocate and still remain a founding subscriber to the magazine. However, I’ve found that I prefer to use my own arbitrary rating system for my reviews, rather than conform to the “standard” established by BeerAdvocate for their review system. With the volume of beer reviews I’ll provide, it should be easy enough for the intrepid reader to figure out if they’ll like a beer or not based on their reaction to similar beers I have reviewed in the past (ie: I like Great Lakes Christmas Ale, and you don’t – if I review something like it, and compare it directly, you might want to avoid said beer). That being said, here’s a brief list of my favorite beers just in case you wanted to know what to bring for a visit (or to stock up on):

  • Macro: Yuengling Lager
  • Import: Heineken
  • Ohio: Great Lakes Burning River
  • Columbus: Columbus Brewing Co. Bodhi
  • Spring: Great Lakes Rye of the Tiger
  • Summer: Rhinegeist Hustle
  • Fall: Samuel Adams Oktoberfest
  • Winter: Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  • New York: Ithaca Flower Power
  • North Carolina: Red Oak


I’m a coffee neophyte. I picked it up later in life, and I’m still in the learning process. While I’ve got a lot of experience with tea, I don’t have quite as much experience with coffee. I’m still exploring the wide range of varieties, preparations, and my own personal preferences. I always drink coffee black, unless it’s my one Pumpkin Spice Latte every year from Starbucks. I’m not a big fan of milk or sugar being put into coffee, so bear that in mind.

Fast / Road Food

I include “road food” as “fast food” mainly because that’s the kind of food I enjoy searching out. Being from the South, we have exemplars of this type of establishment that I grew up with. There’s Bojangle’s, Cook-Out, Yum Yum’s in Greensboro, NC, and even Pal’s Sudden Stop in the TN area. There’s In-N-Out in the West, which has reached mythical status, What-A-Burger in Texas, and even regional dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. When I was growing up, we summered a couple of years in the Cape Cod area, and I encountered the McLobster, bringing these regional differences into my consciousness for the first time. For years, you could only get the Breakfast Burrito in the Texas-area McDonald’s as another example.

Kitchen Tools & Recipes

Somebody has to use those things to make stuff that goes into my pie hole! I’ve got a slight obsession with the utility of kitchen tools – if it saves time, makes things easier, and whether it’s worth the space and expense or not. Obviously, you could get by with just the bare essentials, but that’s not as fun if you’re not wanting to become a professional with your knife skills. I also enjoy collecting recipes. While I don’t plan to do a Julie & Julia cookfest, I might tackle a considerably easier book. Even if it features a few dubious ingredients that are a bit hard to acquire these days.

The Author

Did I mention I liked beer? You can drop me a line at nick (AT) piehole.co. I’m based in Columbus, Ohio, and am always open to reviewing items, beer included (drop me a line for a mailing address).