2013 Small Batch Collection – Samuel Adams

2013 Small Batch Collection – Samuel Adams

Spotted in August 2013 – the Samuel Adams “Small Batch Collection”. Four bombers in a cardboard box – suggested retail was about $19.99. At $5 a bomber – that’s an economical way to sample some of their special batches. The four beers included are:

  • Merry Mischief – Gingerbread Stout
  • The Vixen – Chocolate Chili Bock
  • Norse Legend – Sahti
  • Griffin’s Bow – Oaked Blonde Barleywine

All are intended for immediate consumption or to be aged. I didn’t pick up the set, as none of those styles typically interest me, but if I was offered any of those beers to sample first, I’d go with The Vixen.

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